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Aiming for Carbon Negative by 2030

At JPS, we believe sustainability starts with every individual on our team being adequately trained and equipped to respond to any environmental incident with the potential to cause negative impacts.

We promote a positive ‘Carbon Culture’ by incorporating new technologies & practices into our daily work routines. Through teamwork & clear communication, we instill carbon footprint mindfulness. By reviewing environmental impact reduction strategies with our team on every project, we ensure that our methods meet or exceed current standards.

Ways we are actively reducing our carbon footprint:

Carbon Emission and Energy Consumption:

  • Reduction of idle time in trucks by 11.5%
  • Energy consumption reduction by switching to L.E.D.’s on timers
  • Solar panels to charge dump trailer & generator batteries
  • Planting 10,000 trees over next 3 years

Toxic Emissions & Waste:

  • Recycle 98% of the used lubrication fluids in our trucks & equipment
  • Strict spill reporting & protocols in place
  • Industry leading environmental impact controls used in the field on daily basis
  • Provide recyclable materials for crews to utilize for erosion controls

Integration of QR system to reduce paper usage and improve all aspects of our supply chain.