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At JPS Construction Group, we redefine concrete construction for industrial and commercial sectors. Specializing in both commercial and industrial projects, we handle everything from base prep & rebar installation to concrete pumping, placing, and finishing. Our services encompass a wide range, including large-scale foundation work, slabs and floors, and intricate wall, curb and custom projects. Our commitment to safety and quality is unparalleled, ensuring that every project benefits from our team’s expert skills and strict adherence to safety protocols.

Leading concrete experts with a strong history of working with Canada’s Top Companies.


Specialize in commercial & industrial concrete foundations, slabs, floors & walls


Comprehensive service offering: base, rebar, forming, pumping, place & finish


Committed to safety and quality, ensuring precise concrete solutions


Precision: Continuous pours of 50 - 2000 m3


Manpower: Finishing teams of 5 to 60-man crews


Full Service: From Site grading & base to forming, rebar, pump, place & finish

Our Industrial and Residential Concrete Services

Commercial Concrete Floors and Walls:

We specialize in concrete floors and walls for industrial and commercial buildings, ensuring durability and quality.

Parking Lots and Walkways:

Our expertise in concrete makes us the ideal choice for constructing concrete parking lots and walkways for retail stores and other commercial or industrial properties.

Garage Floors and Shop Floors:

We construct robust garage and shop floors, understanding the importance of longevity & usability.

Concrete Stairs and Sidewalks:

From concrete stairs to functional sidewalks, our projects blend aesthetics and practicality.

Foundations and Structural Work:

As a leading industrial concrete contractor, we lay strong foundations and create robust structures for all types of commercial & industrial buildings.

Concrete Forming and Projects:

Our team is skilled in concrete forming, handling various custom concrete projects with precision and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What range of services do we provide for commercial & industrial projects?

JPS offers a comprehensive range of services including: grading, base prep, rebar install, forming, pumping, place & finish. We pour concrete foundations, slabs, floors, walls, curbing and project specific custom concrete forming & finishing. Our highly trained team of concrete professionals confidently places up to 2500 m3 of concrete per monolithic pour.


How do we ensure the safety and quality of our projects?

Our focus on safety and quality is unwavering, with a proven track record in providing reliable and durable concrete solutions for commercial & industrial applications. All our concrete personnel are expertly skilled, safety ticketed, drug tested and closely follow our COR audited safety program. We are proud to maintain a 0% TRIFF.


What makes our service stand out in the industrial sector?

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our safety culture, combined with our expertise in a wide range of industrial concrete services, sets us apart in the industry.


Do we collaborate with other professionals on our projects?

Our team at JPS Construction Group prides itself on forging strong partnerships with engineers, environmentalists, and other key industry players. This collaborative spirit, coupled with our flexibility to serve as either a prime or subcontractor, allows us to excel on our projects.

Our Industrial Concrete Projects:

Transform your property with our specialized concrete services: colored, stamped, exposed, and large broom finished driveways, pads & sidewalks. Our commitment to quality ensures a unique and stunning addition to your property with each project tailored to your specific needs.

I would describe JPS’s service as efficient, reliable, of higher quality, and honest. Joe and his team are willing to work with us to try to get our projects completed as quick as possible and the work itself exceeds what we expect. His pricing is fair and he’s very easy to talk to, which is very helpful when trying to figure out ways to tackle unique projects.

Working with JPS Construction Group was a game-changer for our industrial project. Their precision, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering high-quality results were apparent. The team’s expertise in handling our unique requirements made them an invaluable asset.

Our collaboration with JPS Construction Group on our commercial project was outstanding. Their meticulous attention to detail, quality work, and seamless integration with our team were exemplary. We highly recommend JPS Construction Group for any commercial concrete project.

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Why Choose JPS Construction for Industrial and Commercial Concrete?

Diverse Concrete Experience:

Our extensive experience as municipal, commercial & industrial concrete contractors enables us to handle projects of any scale.

Reliable and Efficient Services:

Our commitment to reliability and efficiency is unmatched in the commercial & industrial concrete industries.

Quality Construction, Dedicated Safety:

We integrate comprehensive quality control with meticulous safety practices to ensure your project is safely completed to the highest standards in the industry.