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Over manhours safely worked without incident.

At JPS, we firmly believe that our team is our greatest asset. Therefore, we take pride in developing a safety culture that ensures all personnel return safely home.

Here are the three key ways in which we make safety a priority:

  • We make safety a key part of our culture. This starts with our top-down approach, where management is trained to set a good example for employees and subcontractors. We strive for (and celebrate) a zero-incident track record.
  • We emphasize safety training and best practices. Our training programs are designed to reduce job site confusion and prevent lost-time incidents. We develop ongoing safe job procedures and best practices.
  • Equipment maintenance is regular and thorough. We monitor all vehicles and equipment for deficiencies that may cause potential hazards.

As the HSE Manager at the JPS Construction Group, I am responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing our team’s safety at work, which means safety is my top priority. I am committed to compliance and take pride in fostering an open and positive safety culture that includes everyone as we strive for (and celebrate) a zero-incident track record.

Safety is the foundation that supports our core values: integrity, inclusion, and innovation. These values allow us to provide the best quality of service and maintain a strong, open, and proactive health and safety culture. I draw from 8 years of direct safety experience and am dedicated to developing the safest job procedures and practices as the JPS Construction Group experiences a rapid growth rate.

At JPS, our managers, supervisors, and workers at every level are responsible and accountable for the company’s health and safety performance. Health and safety at JPS include promoting and maintaining the highest degree of physical, psychological, and social well-being of all employees. Our goal at JPS is a healthy and injury-free workplace.

Our Management accepts responsibility to lead by example and ensure that all aspects of the program are applied and executed. Management commits to providing a safe work environment and providing ongoing safety education and training for all employees.

Our Supervisors accept the responsibility for implementing on-site safety by ensuring all employees are educated to work safely. Supervisors commit to incorporate all safety resources, including protective devices and safe procedures provided by the company and as government legislation dictates to protect and promote health and safety in the workplace.

Our Workers accept the responsibility to work under company procedures and utilize the resources provided. Workers commit to reporting any unsafe work conditions to their supervisor to protect themselves and other co-workers as soon as any are detected.

Our Contractors accept the responsibility to comply with the JPS Health and Safety Program by following all safety procedures and practices. Contractors commit to adhering to the policies and procedures at JPS with a commitment to work safely with open communication and feedback.

JPS Construction Group is committed to establishing and maintaining a robust Health and Safety Management Program dedicated to protecting and maintaining a solid and effective program that protects our workers, contractors, visitors, and the public.

To achieve our safety goals at JPS, we will:

  • Promote a positive attitude towards safety and encourage employee participation
  • Encourage employee feedback as an essential tool for the growth and improvement of our program.
  • Monitor and implement this program, ensuring that all tools, equipment, and procedures are available to all employees.

JPS is a proud recipient of the ACSA workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR), and are active members of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, ISNet World, The Alberta Construction Safety Association, Contractor Check, and we maintain an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau.

Think Safety. Act Safely.
Michaela Johnston
HSE Manager
JPS Construction Group